PVS Impression Material

PVS impression materials are a choice for final impressions, helping doctors get accurate dental impressions, addressing many of the polymer's shortcomings, neutralizing odour, pouring multiple castings, high accuracy and optimal tear, excellent elasticity, Increase dimensional stability

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The accurate dental impression is the true reflection of the patient's oral cavity and the true record of the detailed information in the patient's oral cavity, which provides the basis for the doctor's diagnosis. It captures the relationship between the teeth and the surrounding soft tissue and the arrangement of the surrounding teeth. As a dental practitioner, it is important to understand the importance of accurate dental impressions, to provide the basis for successful clinical outcomes and to help patients achieve comfort, functionality, and aesthetic repair for many years.

 PVS Impression Material

PVS impression material also known as Vinyl polysiloxane (VPS), is the most popular dental material today, a choice for many professional dentists. PVS impression material  doesn't require manual mixing with water, excellent dimensional stability and fast solidification time, reducing the time taken to remake. It also makes patients more comfortable with doctors' strength.


---Hydrophilicity: considering the water affinity of PVS impression material , hydrophilicity affects the ability of materials to react to and record oral details, and good hydrophilicity can record detailed details.


---Elastic and tear strength: the elastic degree of the PVS impression material does not exceed its tensile degree, the tear degree of the material returns to its original shape but does not tear. The factors influencing the tear degree of the material include natural undercut, depth of the lower gingival margin, and so on.


PVS Impression Material

1. Take out a piece of color and a piece of white PVS impression material.

2. Mix the PVS impression material together for 45 seconds.

3. When the PVS impression material is pure color, roll it into a cylindrical or "finger" shape.

4. Fill the tray with roller putty. Make sure the putty fills the entire tray.

5. Gently press the tray onto the upper or lower teeth. Leave it for 4 minutes before removing it.

6. Send your impressions to the lab using the prepaid envelopes provided. Dental supplies will be delivered to your door in a few days. By eliminating the need for a dentist visit, you can save 70% on dental care!


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