Wholesale Dental Putty With Private Label

Dental putty supports private label customization, suitable for custom dental impression kits, and customizes the technical data of dental putty and materials according to customer requirements.

Technical data

Wholesale Dental Putty With Private Label

Putty base20g
Putty catalyst20g
Hand mixing time45s(23°C)
Hand working time90s(23°C)
Mouth remove time3min
Max. compressive deformation<1.0%
Recovery of elasticity>99.0%
Max.dimensional change24h < 0.3%; 2 week < 0.3%

Wholesale Dental Putty With Private Label


Wholesale Dental Putty With Private Label

Hydrophilicity can have a better affinity to the oral environment humidity in the oral cavity, significantly affecting the accuracy of oral details.

Elasticity and tear resistance


After the tooth impression is removed from the mouth, the high elasticity of the material allows the tooth impression to recover its original shape after being pulled. If the elasticity of the material is not enough, it is likely that after pulling, the original shape will not be restored. In this case, the dental impression we have taken away will be scrapped.


Crown, bridge, inlays and onlays impression. 

Recommended to take two-stage or single-stage,impression technique together with PERFIT Light Body for higher precision.


Wholesale Dental Putty With Private Label


1. Better compatibility of oral humidity

2. Excellent precision

3. High dimensional stability

4. High tear strength and tensile strength

5. Easy mixing.


1. Dental putty provides all the benefits of a true putty, including higher consistency and insertion force than heavy body materials. Plus, it is designed exclusively for use with Mixing Unit(base and catalyst).


2. Dental putty material exits the 2 unit at approximately 97ºF. Because Putty is already warm when it is seated in the mouth,it helps warm up the wash material, actually accelerating setting time without reducing the intraoral working time.


3. Dental putty offers high detail reproduction and the same consistency and insertion force.


 Wholesale Dental Putty With Private Label

Note: You should feel the dental putty push up out of the tray, enveloping your teeth and reaching up to the gums. You’ll also feel a little bit of putty on the roof of your mouth behind your teeth. For your lower impressions, it helps to stick your tongue over the top of the tray while taking your dental impressions.


Once your tray is fully seated, don’t move or adjust the tray until it’s time to remove it. If you need to stabilize the tray, use your thumbs to gently hold the top tray in place. For your lower teeth, press down on the back of the tray with your peace-sign fingers.


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