Dental Impression Material

It is important to take an accurate impression in terms of increasing patient convenience and reducing chair time. The process of calling a patient back to the clinic to repeat the dental impression has unprecedented consequences. Therefore, the doctor should ensure that the impression taken is evaluated to ensure accuracy before being sent to the dental laboratory for denture manufacture or crown. A good dental impression can enhance dental surgery and help the dental clinic improve profitability.

Product Description

Dental Impression Material

The dental impression material is used to record the inner structure of the mouth and to make the final restoration. An accurate impression is necessary for the construction of any dental prosthesis. The relationship between static and moving oral structures must be accurately reproduced to obtain the best cast table. More common presentation types are used to make diagnostics. Accurate impressions depend on the identification of applications that are suitable for or not suitable for each material. 


Our dental impression material has a pleasant and beautiful color. And the dental impression material contains no toxic or irritating ingredients. Economic benefits. Adequate shelf life for storage and distribution. Minimum use of equipment is easy to use. Show dimensional stability. The dental impression material is of sufficient strength so that the dental impression material does not break or tear when the dental impression material falls off from the mouth. Elastic, no permanent deformation after strain. It has enough working time to complete the border shaping. Of course, you can also choose to customize a working time. Can be checked repeatedly without distortion. The dental impression material can record accurate surface details. The size is stable. No separation medium is required because the dental impression material does not stick to the casting material. Minor defects can be corrected.


Disadvantages: special tray is required for impression.


A dental impression is defined as the negative record of the tissues of the mouth . It is used to reproduce the form of the teeth and surrounding tissues.

Dental Impression Material

As dental health care professionals, we know how vital it is to obtain accurate impressions. Impressions provide the foundation for successful clinical outcomes, helping to ensure patients receive comfortable, functional and beautiful restorations that last for years to come. Accurate impressions provide clinicians with detailed records of the oral cavity. They capture the exact dimensions of the prepared teeth and the soft tissue, the margins of the preparation, and surrounding dentition relationship. 

New Packaging

Dental Impression Material

Essential Requirements

Stopwatch  to time the stages it is essential to follow the times in all steps. 

Mirror – to help take a good impression 

Please read all the steps before you start. 

Please remove any dentures before impression taking. 

Please Note: 

In the hot summer months, please store your dental impression material in the refrigerator before use. 

The dental impression material should be warmed to room temperature before use. 

Material safety data information is available upon request.


--Are impressions easy to take?


Yes, the teeth impressions only take 5 minutes per arch and you only have to get it right once and then we store your impressions for years.


--Do you supply practice materials if I have never done this before?


Yes, each impression kit comes with enough practice putty to do a full practice impression so you can get familiar with the process before you take your final impressions.


--Can I send a teeth device in the place of teeth impressions?


No, the lab is not able to use a teeth device in the place of an impression or mold.


--If I have to retake an impression do I wait and send both in at the same time or do I send them in one at a time?


Yes, if upper and lower impressions are required by the lab, you must send in both impressions at the same time.


--Do you keep my impressions on file and for how long?


We currently keep your teeth impressions on file for 3 years in case you need to order another teeth device from us.


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