Elastomeric Impression Materials

Elastomeric impression materials (addition silicones light body and heavy body) offer high elastic recovery and acceptable flexibility on removal of the impression from the mouth.

Product Details

Elastomeric Impression Materials

Minimal dimensional changes that result during polymerization and prior to casting of the impression are desired. In addition silicones, these changes are small resulting in a dimensionally stable impression that is usable for weeks. 

Desirable Features

Elastomeric Impression Materials

• Low viscosity – injectable 

• Heavy viscosity – tray 

• Automix, easy to use 

• customized working/setting time 

• Ability to be disinfected 

• Compatible with cast/die materials 

• Adequate shelf life 

• Cost-effective 

• Distinctive color contrast between lightand heavy-body viscosities 

A set impression must be sufficiently elastic so that it will return to its original dimensions without significant distortion upon removal from the mouth.


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