Wholesale Earmold Impression Material

Earmold impression material is used to prepare the ear canal impression for hearing aids, earphones, ear plugs etc., so as to better fit the ear canal and obtain a clearer sound.The earmold impression material can also be customized as required cause we are earmold impression material supplier.

Product Details

Earmold impression material main ingredients is

vinyl polysiloxane material(VPS)

advantages include the ability to pour multiple casts, high viscosity good scalability,high accuracy, optimal tear strength, excellent elasticity, enhanced dimensional stability.

Wholesale Earmold Impression Material

VPS materials demonstrate low dimensional changes and retains its shape upon setting for months, without the need for special storage. As a result, impressions can be used again in the future. The material also can be disinfected without affecting dimensional stability.The material won't distort when removed from the ear or after pouring multiple casts.


Earmold impression material can be customized the time, mixing time, mixing time, customize the base material of different colors, choose different packaging containers or customize the packaging of different dosages, etc., as long as it is your needs

Wholesale Earmold Impression Material

General inventory products specifical

Chemical properties: vinyl polysiloxane

Manual operation time: 2 minutes (working environment around 23℃)

Take out time from ear: 3 minutes

Maximum compression deformation rate: <1.0%; deformation recovery rate: >99.0%

Maximum volume change: 24 hours <0.3%; 336 hours (two weeks) <0.3%

Compressive deformation rate: 1.0-3.0% (0 type); 2.0-6.0% (1 type, 2 type, 3 type)

MPa tensile breaking: > 1.5

% elongation at break: >300%

Suggested plaster casting time: 2 hours to 2 weeks

The hardness can be customized according to the your's purpose


Wholesale Earmold Impression Material


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